Monday, March 19, 2012

the chubbster...word up!

I survived!

I did it!

Five cakes in one week! 

I know I said only four cakes in last week's blog but I actually ended up making five!  As my husband said...I'm a glutton for punishment.

So I showed you the first two baby shower cakes I made last week. 

The third baby shower cake I made was for a very good friend from work.  Since 2012 is the year of the dragon (Chinese astrology), I wanted to make her a cake with a baby dragon.

The first gumpaste dragon I made was a fail.  He was a chubster and just couldn't hold up his own weight.  Chubbster...word up!

chubby dragon

dragon rolls

So I started all over.  This time I made a smaller, leaner, cuter baby dragon!

isn't he the most handsomest gumpaste dragon you've ever seen?!

I wanted a simple look to the cake so the baby dragon can have the spotlight.  (There's nothing worse than a super messy and busy looking cake) 

Since momma-to-be had to watch what she ate, I made a sugar-free cake with raisins and walnuts (from allrecipes) but with regular cream cheese frosting, made with icing sugar.  I figured momma-to-be can just scrape off the frosting...teeeheee.

Below are the other two cakes I made:  one is a St Patty's Day birthday cake and the other is a fondant ruffle cake I brought to a potluck "linner" (late lunch, early dinner).   

St Patrick's Day hazelnut cake with coconut cream cheese filling

ruffle velvet with cream cheese frosting

As much as I love creating all these different confections and having my creativity challenged...I'm so happy last week is over.  Now I can concentrate on what I love to do after work...sleep!

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