Thursday, March 1, 2012

happy birthday JB...and red velvet crepes!

I'm on a red velvet roll!

To celebrate Justin Bieber's 18th birthday, I made some red velvet cake pops last night!

JB red velvet cake pop

Yes I know...JB's got a new hairstyle but guess what?  His old hairstyle (aka combover) was funner to make!

Cake pops are quite easy to make but you gotta be careful when making cake pops from scratch.  I also tried to make chocolate cake pops but the cake I made was too moist so I couldn't form the balls properly.  Isn't that funny?  Everyone aims for their cakes to be nice and moist but moist cake isn't good for cake pops?  Huh? 

Anywhooo....this past Sunday, I made red velvet crepes for breakfast!

I used Tidy Mom's crepe recipe and Prevention RD's sweet cream cheese filling recipe.  The recipes were uber easy!  I used my kitchenaid blender for the crepe batter and my magic bullet to make the cream cheese filling.  Easy peasy!

I got some oooohs and aaaahs from the kiddies when I presented their plates full of cream cheese and Nutella filled crepes!  I'm looking forward to making more breakfast crepes...maybe next time, some apple cinnamon crepes? 

Mmmmm...nom nom nom...

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