Thursday, April 5, 2012

nothin' better than cinnamon rolls... favourite meal of the day!

Last weekend, I planned to make cinnamon buns for breakfast.  Butt...Friday night came...then Saturday night came and I got too lazy to prepare the dough (gotta prepare it the night before or wake up 3 hours before thanks!).  So on Sunday morning, I scoured the internet for something scrumptious to make for breakfast.

And I found this:  cinnamon roll pancakes!

Reading thru the blog post, many commented on how runny the cinnamon filling came out.  So I put the filling in a ziploc bag and threw it in the fridge to help it thicken while I made the glaze and pancakes.

pancakes cooking with cinnamon swirl

The filling came out thicker, which made it easier to swirl onto the pancake.  This recipe was so easy peasy to make and the pancakes taste exactly like Cinnabon rolls!  Ugh...just thinking about this pancake is making my mouth water...definitely must make this again!

cinnamon roll pancakes...not as pretty as Recipe Girl's pancakes!