Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Guess who's bizzack?!


It's been a minute since I've blogged anything!  Life has been pretty busy the past few weeks.  It's summer...so there's always some type of outing or birthday party or wedding to attend.  The last two weeks, I've had to make 10 dozen cupcakes, a hundred mini cupcakes, an 8-inch cake, and a 3-tier topsy turvy wedding cake...so that plus my everyday mommy/wifey duties AND my regular 9-to-5!  I've been mad busy!
The first Justin Bieber theme cupcakes I made a few weeks ago were a hit and I've had a few requests for them.  Here is the second batch of the Bieberized cupcakes I made for a friend's little cousin, who was having a Bieber Fever party. 

Out of all the cupcake toppers, I spent the most time on the JB face topper.  I had to make sure his hair was perfect!  I think his combover turned out much better this time than it did the first time!  And yes people...I know in real life, he's not sportin' the combover no more!  You can't represent the Biebs without his combover!

My absolutely faves were the "I heart JB", the sunglasses and the mini-microphone toppers...I thought they were uber cute!

I also made single cupcakes for two friends from work.  This is the great thing when you're a baker...edible gifts are always welcome!  :-)

I made this cupcake for my creative, artsy-fartsy, and very good friend.  I figure she'd appreciate the fondant swirls and the hydrangea flower...it looks delicate and is uber pretty.

This cupcake was for another friend at work.  She's a very bubbly and outgoing chick...and this topper, with a demure and shy face, is her complete opposite!

Those are just some of the d'vyne confections that I've been working on the past few weeks.  I've got more to show but I'ma save those for my next post. 

So on top of all the cakes I've been creating, working my 9-to-5 and attending to my wifey/mommy duties, the new season for some of my favourite shows have also started! 

Ugh...there's just never enough hours in a day!  :-p

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